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Bands you might have missed - The summer feeling

The summer is nearly over on this side of the globe which wasn't really a good one with all the rain we had but the weather has been amazing the last week of September. Summer brings with it the summer feeling when everything looks just a little better. It might be the increased vitamin D we get from our nearby star or women in summer dresses but life is just a bit brighter.

Summer also brings lots of festivals and other outdoor activities with it. My friends and I start discussing our favourite festival Lowlands and what we will be bringing this year besides packing a partytent which is a must have. I also start listening to the lineup for this festival, which means going through a lot of music. It's a fun way of discovering new music because Lowlands tends to book the up & coming artists, another thing I love about it.

So this year like other years I discovered some bands I really like pre-Lowlands but I also use other sources to find new music. When watching movies and television series I take notice of new music and find out which songs were used. IMDB is a great source for getting the soundtrack information from movies. For television series I mostly google on the lyrics or the show incombination with the episode. Another way to discover new music is my good friend and fellow music enthusiast Jurgen. He gives me a heads-up every now and again on great albums and he is mostly right ;)

But to get to the Bands you might have missed part of this blog. Here are five artists that I've recently found out about and really like a lot. I hope you enjoy them as well!

Gotye (website|myspace|last.fm)
Wouter "Wally" De Backer or Gotye is a Belgian-Australian. He was born in Bruges but lived mostly in Melbourne, Australia. First time I heard him was with the song Somebody I Used to Know with Kimbra. It's a song you'll like right off the bat and the albums Like Drawing Blood and Making Mirrors are very good. His music is very mixed in styles and hard to put in a box, which I like. My favourite song is Eyes Wide Open.

Intergalactic Lovers (website|myspace|last.fm)
A Belgian band from Aalst consisting of four members with Lara Chedraoui as singer with a unique vocal sound. Their debut album Greetings & Salutations is very good and has a summer feeling to it. All songs wonderful but if I have to pick one to listen to first it would be Shewolf. They preformed a acoustic session at Into The Great Wide Open festival this year. Just locate them in the right list and enjoy.

Joan As Police Woman (website|myspace|last.fm)
Joan Wasser from Biddeford, Maine (US) is a singer-songwriter. I already spoke about here a bit in my Lowlands blog, mostly with anger because I missed her show shy of one song. She was Jeff Buckley's girlfriend, famous for amongst other things his version of Leonard Cohen's Hallelujah. In my opinion the best version, even better the original. Her last album The Deep Field was my first introduction with this lady. The album has a good soul feel to it and stands out with a lot of emotion in the songs. My favourite song is The Magic.

Miles Kane (website|myspace|last.fm)
Miles Kane should already be familiar to you. He has played in The Rascals and was leadsinger next to Alex Turner of Arctic Monkeys in the project The Last Shadow Puppets. His album Colour of the Trap features some great track like Come Closer, Inhaler and my favourite Quicksand.

Pete and The Pirates (website|myspace|last.fm)
A British five piece band from Reading. Another band that has a very summery feel to their songs. Electric/Indie sound that is quite catchy. Their last album One Thousand Pictures sound very good and clean. My favourite song is Come to the Bar. They also played Into The Great Wide Open.