Bands that you might have missed, the Nordic connection

Last time that I made post about Bands that you might have missed it was on Dutch and/or Flemish bands. Bands from Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden are the subject this time. The Nordic connection.

But lets get down to business. I kept the summaries short last time and didn't mess about with genres. I'll stick to that plan, I'd rather interest you in the band that make up your mind for you.

Jens Lekman (website|myspace|
Although born in Sweden he resides in Sydney, Australia. He uses a lot of sampling and healthy use of strings with guitar. Your Arms Around Me is the song that caught my eye or rather ear.

Jónsi (website|myspace|
Jónsi or Jón Þór Birgisson which is his real name, is better know for his work in the band Sigur Rós (see below) but his solo album Go is quite good. He can stand his own and still touch your soul with his voice accompanied by a more electronic sound. Just have a listen to Go Do, feels like nature waking up to me. It was quite special to see him again at Lowlands this year.

Kings Of Convenience (website|myspace|
A recent addition to my music collection. A duo from Bergen in Norway with a very mellow sound. Especially nice on those dreamy summer evenings or just as background music. Like Boat Behind.

Mando Diao (website|myspace|
You probably know this song Dance with Somebody, which is quite the dance track. But there is more to these guys. Nope it's not a solo artist, the name Mando Diao is quite random. I've only heard their Give me fire! album but it sounds good.

Mew (website|myspace|
I saw these guys at my first ever Lowlands festival back in 2006. It's an acquired taste but the rock with melancholic voices sound quite good to me. Although I've only heard there Frengers album. Am I Wry? No is probably my favorite song.

Peter, Bjorn and John (website|myspace|
Another band you already know one song by. <a href"">Young Folks should sound like music to your ears. Peter, Bjorn and John from Sweden make divers music which doesn't quite fit into one box but singer-songwriter is probably the best label. Besides Young Folks which is easily liked, Amsterdam is nice as well.

Razorlight (website|myspace|
Although formed in the London it is a Anglo-Swedish band and so I can cheat a little here. ;) I especially like the selftitled album with tracks like In The Morning, America and Back To The Start. But there album Slipway Fires doesn't disappoint. Wire To Wire for instance is a great song. I've seen them live once on stage at Paradiso.

Röyksopp (website|myspace|
Electronic music by two guys from Norway. I especially like their older music compared to their album Junior which wasn't well received. But than again I don't dislike Junior either. Songs like Eple, What else is there vocals by Karin Dreijer Andersson and Remind me are my favorites.

Saybia (website|myspace|
Saybia is hauntingly beautiful music. It music that makes you think about it all. Formed in Nyborg, Denmark and consists of five guys. Live even better than on CD, it certainly worth a listen. I Surrender for example sums up exactly what I mean.

Sigur Rós (website|myspace|
Last but certainly not least, Sigur Rós. I've already cover the lead singer of this band above, Jónsi. Anyways after hearing this beautiful music in several movies (<a href=">Penelope and Childeren of Men) I went on the hunt to find out who made it. I was overwhelmed by this soul striking music that is Sigur Rós. They sing in Vonlenska which basicly is unintelligible lyrics sung by the band. The English term for this is Hopelandic. The unintelligibleness of the lyrics add to the effect I must say. Although listening to an album doesn't quite cut it. It's really a live band. Shamefully I've only seen them live once but it was very special and the best concert I've ever seen at Lowlands. If you have the time you should really watch Sigur Rós @ Lowlands 2008 or even get their DVD album Heima.