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Enjoy the moment

One of my favorite pass times has to be listening to music, I enjoy it immensely. And on occasion I get to see one of my favorite bands live, which is an experience in itself.

Some bands sound exactly like their album, for instance Blood Red Shoes, which isn't necessarily a bad thing. Sometimes it's even a good thing but seeing and especially hearing a little gem like Angus & Julia Stone is a reward in itself. Shamefully I've only seen them once back in 2008.

Anyways after going to lots of concert you start to notice a thing or two. Like seeing certain people at every concert your go to, possibly because you share the same taste in music. Or you learn which venues have the best acoustics and whether or not you need to wear hearing protection because the sound technician isn't really good at his job. But alas you also start to annoy yourself at the behavior of your fellow "music lovers".

One major annoyance must be the people that use their digital camera's flash function all the bloody time. They believe or probably just don't know any better that the effective range of the thing is like at best 8 meters but most likely between 3-5 meters. With these types of cameras your flash is probably handier outside to add extra light to a picture. So for lighting up your picture in a darkened venue don't bother and save battery life by turning it off. Or if you really like the overexposed back of the bloke in front of you go ahead.

Another would have to be the people that watch the entire concert through their little videoscreen on the back of their camera. Probably realizing at home how good the concert was. Although I have to say without them we wouldn't enjoy the amount of videos that are online these days. But they do remind me of a certain stereotype tourist. Sure it's great to have some great pictures to remember a moment like a concert but don't over do it!

The above point is actually why I made this post to begin with. Try to enjoy your life and the special moments you have. Because it seems to me that the faster we move the less we stand still and enjoy the moment.