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Another social experiment

Last year around this time I started using Twitter and soon I reached my 1000 tweets. I like Twitter a lot because it's simple and down to the point mostly due to it's 140 character limit.

Other social network sites like Facebook are a bit more work. Of course a lot of my friends use it and don't get Twitter at all. They have been nagging me to get a Facebook profile for ages but until now I've kindly declined every time.

So what has changed on my views towards social network sites like Facebook? Honestly nothing much really but I do want to get a hands on experience. Besides it's quite easy to stay in touch with people you meet while traveling. Which is what I want to do for a while comming year.

Anyways I'm going to use Facebook as an experiment with this type of social networking for at least a month. After the month I'll either keep using it or delete my profile.