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Bands that you might have missed

It's about time that I posted about music again but this time dedicated to bands from my region of the world. With band members that are either Dutch or Flemish or a mix of both, songs sung in the English and that you might have missed if I didn't post about them.

I will summarize the different bands, give them a short description and link to their music.  However I'm not gonna mention genres cause I hate doing that, you can make up your own mind without me telling you.

Alamo Race Track (website|myspace|last.fm)
A Dutch band which has created two full-length albums so far, Birds at Home (2003) and Black Cat John Brown (2006). Currently working in a different setup for a theater show for which they will compose the music. After the summer the composed material will be releasing for their third album. Black Cat John Brown is my favorite album.

Bettie Serveert (website|myspace|last.fm)
Although this Dutch band has been around for more then 20 years there last album Pharmacy of Love toke a while to make. During it's lifespan the members of this band have changed a lot but has also grown as it comes to their unique rock sound. Their last album is a good example of that.

Customs (website|last.fm)
A band from Leuven, Belgium but then again I already posted about them.

The Death Letters (myspace|last.fm)
A two man band from Dordrecht in The Netherlands or rather teenagers as they aren't even 18 yet. Their amazing rock blues sound that you would not expect from them can knock your socks straight off. Their first selftitled album is quite good.

Daan (website|myspace|last.fm)
The second Flemish artist in this line up. A friend of mine introduced me to Daan (Stuyven)'s music or rather his album Manhay which I have played a lot. Daan, has already worked 20+ years in the music industry. Before he went solo played in the band Dead Man Ray.

Drive Like Maria (website|myspace|last.fm)
A rock trio that has Dutch and Flemish bandmembers. They play rock music that is very easily liked and gets stuck in your head. Recorded their debut album in America and named it after a place in Dallas where it was mixed, Elmwood.

Johan (website|myspace|last.fm)
The Dutch band Johan are lyrical very strong with beautiful songs. Released 4 albums of which the fourth is their final album, a greatest hits. After several years and quite some time between albums the band has stopped playing live and producing albums. My favorite being THX JHN.

The Mad Trist (website|myspace|last.fm)
A Dutch band from the city of Maastricht, which they named their band after. They play Queens of the Stone Age like rock music with a sound of their own. If the debut album Pay The Piper blast out of your speakers while driving you'll just have to put your foot down. It's that sort of music.

Mintzkov (website|myspace|last.fm)
Belgium has a nack for producing great band and this is another one. The song Opening Fire from their last album Rising Sun, Setting Sun is great and so is the rest of it. It's the third album by this five man group from Antwerp.

Moke (website|myspace|last.fm)
Moke isn't completely Dutch but being based in Amsterdam they must feel a home here. The debut album Shorland is one hell of start for a band but their second album The Long & Dangerous Sea fails to impress me but does have some nice songs on it.

Triggerfinger (website|myspace|last.fm)
Yet another great band from Belgium with an amazing rock sound. The three man band is one of the best rock bands I've ever seen live and that's saying something. Their second album What Grabs Ya? is filled with great rock tunes to the brim. If you get the chance to see them, DO IT!

De Staat (website|myspace|last.fm)
The Dutch rockers from Nijmegen have been playing a lot of gigs in the last few years to get experience and with their album debut Wait for Evolution they have certainly impressed me. A great mix of blues and rock with a country feel to it. Another band that's even better live than on an album.

Voicst (website|myspace|last.fm)
And for the last band of this post we have Voicst. A three man band from The Netherlands with rather catchy tunes and speedy lyrics. Very upbeat feel to it. A Tale Of Two Devils is my favorite of their four albums.

Hope you enjoy some of the bands above, feedback is welcome ;)

3 May 2010 - Update: Added Bettie Serveert.