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A month without Facebook

As you might know I like experimenting a bit with new ideas and concepts. I've tried barefoot/minimalistic running and love it, it's the only way I run now. The same goes for not watching any regular television (although I do watch documentaries and specific tvseries like Game of Thrones, Da Vinci's Demons, etc). Another one was dumping news in form of newspapers and TV broadcasts. Some of these experiments pane out other utterly fail but nonetheless their fun to do and change up your routine. Currently I'm experimenting with food to lose weight but I'll make a new blogpost on that later this year.

This blogpost however is a revisit to one of the social experiments back in 2010 when I started using Facebook. Of the social media I use Facebook still tends to be a love/hate relationship. This in comparison to Twitter that I started using back in 2009 and would really miss due to the vast options it gives you, especially with Tweetdeck and IFTTT. The latter being used to tweet RSS feeds that don't use Twitter; this way I have replaced Google Reader which is scheduled to be shutdown on the first of July this year. So Twitter has become my main source of information on personal & professional interests.

Like I said Facebook has always been a love/hate relationship. I like some aspects of it like sharing your life (photos, videos, etc) with friends. I originally started using it before I travelled to Australia and it's great for keeping in touch with friends I made along they way. However some other things annoy me a lot. Besides stupid stuff people share that would fall into the TMI (To Much Information) category, there is also the privacy implications that come with using Facebook and the ever changes that are pushed through the privacy settings and don't get me started on the annoying app & event request some people send. Sure you can limit your exposure by unfriendly or limiting the type of messages you receive but compared to Twitter, Facebook is just more in your face (no phun intended).

So getting back the experiment part of this post. This time around I'm going to avoid Facebook entirely from the 20th of June up until the 21st of July. I think it won't be that hard but it will be interesting to see how things go. If you need to contact me try some of the backwater channels like email, text message, the contactform on this site, etcetera.