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No TV for a month

In January of this year a friend of mine posted about a little experiment he did and made a post about it  "experimenting: a week of no TV". I was quite intrigued by this as I don't watch a lot of TV via a real television set, I mostly use the internet to view the news, tv series and movies cause this gives me the control to watch when I want to. I do however own a TV set plus a cable subscription but no longer.

Just over a month ago I pulled out the cable and went for it, a month without TV. Although I did have some moments that I wanted to switch it on and watch a specific show, I resisted and after 2 weeks I didn't even think about it anymore. This with the Winter Olympics in Vancouver, but the coverage by the Dutch NOS via their special site is just great.

So after a month without TV I can't say I missed it and I've cancelled my cable subscription to make it final. No more "normal" TV for me.