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Television series

Even with the web, I still watch TV. Although watching it actually on a television-set has been less and less frequent in recent years. I would go so far as to say I will not get a cable TV connection in my next apartment straightaway. Why? Well mostly cause every TV series I follow is viewable/retrievable via the web, may it be legal or illegal (I won't be covering that here ;)). And following any series via Dutch TV is just folly, mainly cause they tend to air parts of series in randomized order or even airing just three seasons and then rerunning those again while not ever running the remaining seasons (Like for instance with Stargate SG-1). I've given up on that way of getting my TV series fix entirely cause it frustrated the hell out of me.


I started watching television from a early age, like many others of my generation. I especially liked the shows on the BBC, like The mysterious cities of gold, Dungeons & Dragons, etc. It also gave me an early start with the English language, which has helped me out quite a bit in life (being bilingual has it's advantages).

There are those websites that supply TV content via their websites (BBC iPlayer, Uitzending Gemist (Dutch), Hulu, etc) on demand which is a good start, although most of it is still region based but that might be changing in the future. But I believe the future of TV will certainly end on cable in the coming years and get a new life via web.

I generally give shows that are interesting a few chances (episodes) before I drop them or continue to watch. This way I keep a reasonable amount of series to watch but not to many. The requirements of a good series for me is that it should be entertaining and fun to watch, this goes without saying but it should also be developing itself along the way. Shows that keep on trying to push the same story every episode just get the bucket. I mean series like CSI aren't really developing much or at least not for me and they seem not to require a brain. Weird that those series don't get canceled and something as original and bold as a dramatic sci-fi series as Defying Gravity does. Some folks need to visit the wizard for a brain in seems.

Finally I'll end this post with the TV series I watch at the moment:

Returning/new series in the near future (that I'll be watching):