The transition

At the end of this week I will have finished my study of Computer Science (Bachelor) and I begin to wonder which course my life will be taking in the next several years to come.

It kinda makes you think back on all the decision you made and what you would have done differently. Although I have some regrets I still like the way my life going. Regretting mistakes is useless anyway. Just learn from them.

As one period of my life ends (being a student) another begins (fulltime work). And even though being a student fulltime has been a lot of fun, change is a natural part of life and should be embraced. Fulltime work has it's perks too of course, mainly having a steady income which should come in handy.

But I shouldn't forget what I have been and will be working towards. Those include getting a drivers license (finally!) and saving up for a 6 month trip through Australia and New Zealand. Which I'm very excited about.

However first I will have to defend my thesis this Friday so wish me luck :D

Update 3 July: Guess I didn't need luck. I got my bachelor!