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New Year's Resolutions 2010

How fast a year can go and every year seems to go faster than the last. A good friend told me once that this is because of the experiences we have during our lifetime. The older we get the less new experiences we have, sure we experience things but most of them are similar or the same as previous ones but when you are young everything is new. The neural pathways to make new experiences is more complex then those of a similar nature, eg. it takes longer to make the new ones part of you. I believe this to be true, it sounds logical to me and I believe myself to be a logical person by nature. If another more reasonable explanation could be given I would probably except it. Anyways having unique experiences would slow down you life if I understand this correctly and what is life without having unique experiences. Setting goals is a way to achieve these experiences.

2009 wasn't a great year for me. I didn't reach any of my goals except one. This one goal is staying in shape. I started going to a fitness club for about 3 years. At first it went well and I lost weight, gained health and my back problems disappeared. But after a year and half I got bored with the way fitness clubs operate, I lost my motivation and stopped going entirely. Everything I gained, I lost and thus I started getting back problems again. This effected my work and everything else. Finally I ended my membership and started to run outside. In the beginning it was quite hard and I even stopped for a while because of shitty running shoes but gradually I got better at it and started to enjoy it very much. After reaching my 5 KM goal I set a new one, 10 KM. Just after Christmas I reached that and on New Year's Eve I reached it again. For now I'll start improving on the speed part of it as my body still needs to get use to the duration. But I will however run the 10 KM part of the Fortis Marathon Rotterdam in April this year.

Other goals that will continue throughout this year are getting my driving licence, finding my own apartment, traveling the globe and especially finishing my studies of Computer Science in the coming months with the work placement at KPN.

So the goals are set, the game is on and I wish you all a very happy New Year and hopefully you will achieve your own goals.