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Vampire Weekend - Contra

Vampire Weekend isn't a weekend where all vampires come out and play, no it's much much more or rather an American indie rock band from New York. Their music can described as mix of reggae, African music, rock and probably some other blends but I would rather call it VERY original. It's breath fresh air and it reminds me of summer, which is always a good thing.

Last summer I saw these guys on the stage of the Grolsch tent at Lowlands and everybody started to dance. They make you all fuzzy and happy inside. Just try not to tap your foot while listening to A-punk...

Anyways to get down to the reason of this rather short post. They released their new album not so long ago (11 Januari), called Contra. A very nice follow-up of their self-titled debut album. One of my favorites songs has to be Holiday...

I still regret not buying tickets for the concert on the 24th at Paradiso in Amsterdam!

Vampire Weekend - Contra
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